How to Get a Backyard Co-working Space in Only Three StepsPortable Shipping Container Studio - TargetBox

Commuting to work every day is soooo 2019. In today’s evolved office world, more people than ever are embracing remote work with flexible schedules and colleagues who work at different paces in different places.

With that comes the demand for unique spaces that encourage collaboration while offering flexibility, affordability, and creativity to all who need them. Here at TargetBox, our experts work with you to design, modify, and produce the mobile office space you need.

But how is it done? What are the steps to make this dream come to life? You’ve stumbled upon the right news article.

Step One – Design Your Co-working Haven

When you choose TargetBox, it’s easy to create your backyard co-working space. You start by telling us your ideal office size—8’x10’, 8’x20’, or 8’x40’—and some basics about what you need the space for. Will you need it for a co-working space with three guys at desks? Perhaps you just need one desk and a couch. How about a little yoga room?

Also have a good idea of your budget. Remember that we’ll work with you to ensure we get within your price range, but ti’s always good to understand cost limitations even when dreaming big.

20 ft Portable Studio - TargetBox

Step Two – Customize Your Interior and Exterior Options

This is where the fun begins! One key benefit of choosing TargetBox for your backyard co-working space is the flexibility to customize every detail.

  • Think of everything you can customize to make your space 100% your own:
  • Choose from windows and sliding doors to allow in natural light.
  • Install air conditioning and heating systems for climate control.
  • In your walls, how about some cozy insulation, electrical to run all of your devices and drywall painted with the colour of your choice?
  • For the floor, choose between plywood, vinyl composite tile flooring or whatever else your heart desires.
  • Outside, install ambient lighting to ensure that work can continue after the sun sets, and have the exterior finished in a colour that will help make your portable working space either stand out or blend into its surroundings.

Personal customizations make every office special, so giving your project the focus it deserves at this stage is crucial.

Step Three – Let TargetBox Build Your Co-working Space

Once the plans are laid, trust TargetBox to transform one of our recycled shipping containers into your co-working haven. This can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a full month, depending on the complexity of the design and our workshop capacity, but know that it will be built to your exact requirements and have everything you need to move work forward in a way you only ever dreamed of before.

20 ft Portable Studio - TargetBox 01

Inquire About Ordering a Backyard Shared Office Space

Are you intrigued? Learn more by reaching out to the TargetBox mobile office design team, who can work with you to make your dream remote-working office oasis come to life sooner than you think.

Whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur or remote worker, our approach to workspace design ensures that your backyard becomes exactly what you wish: a hub of collaboration you never thought was ever possible.

If you’re seeking something with a little less customization, check out our pre-planned mobile container studios or our basic mobile container offices.