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How To Compare Portable Storage Quotes

Not all portable storage solutions are the same. This is the reason why we founded our business 10 years ago, and this is what we’re still focused on today.

We’re Dave and Melissa – the owners of your favourite storage solution, TargetBox. We are the ones who greet you on the phone, and we strive to always deliver the greatest value for your storage needs every day.

We would like to take this opportunity to highlight unique aspects of your TargetBox quote that are essential to having a remarkable portable storage experience, which you may not get anywhere else.

From the moment to submit your quote on our homepage to the day we pick up your storage container from your home, your experience with TargetBox will include:

Ultra-Fast Service

We have a large inventory of portable storage containers that allows us more than anyone else to swiftly respond to your needs. That means, if you send us a quote, we promise to get back to you within 24 hours, and can have a container sitting on your driveway the very next day.

One Delivery and Pickup Fee with No Hidden Charges

Worried about high delivery charges? Don’t worry; be happy! Whether you’re in sunny Stratford or delightful Drumbo, TargetBox’s quote will include competitive delivery no matter the drop-off point.

No Long-Term Contract

Having worked with hundreds of home and business owners, time is not always on our customers’ side. Renovation timelines can go haywire, and sometimes your plans change. That’s why your TargetBox quote won’t come with a long-term contract. Did your one-month renovation project turn into six months? That’s okay. Did your two-month emergency rental for the in-laws turn into only one month? Give us a call and we’ll come pick it up early (sorry, not your in-laws).

Sizing Options to Suit Your Needs

We’ll take the information submitted in your online quote to find the best portable storage container to meet your needs. We’re usually pretty accurate in picking the right size: either 10’, 20’, or 40’. We recommend 10’ containers for smaller spaces like one-bedroom apartments, houses, or condos. 20’ containers can accommodate most two- and three-bedroom homes. 40’ containers are for the really big jobs. If that’s still not enough, then we can always drop off two.

Value-Added Moving Services

Moving can be an exciting but stressful experience. We’ve spoken with enough people to know that planning for the move is even more important than the planning day itself. Let us work with you to ensure you’ve done your research into your new neighbourhood, change your address and have a moving strategy in space.

Custom Options Available

Make sure your quote comes with options you didn’t even know you needed. Are the standard double doors too awkward? We have units with regular doors. Need electrical and lights? We have those. How about ventilation or windows? We have them covered too.

Portable Storage Quotes & Pricing – Conclusion

Whether you’re renting a portable storage container to move your house (good luck), move your child to college (finally), renovate a room (or the whole house), create a little extra storage space (did someone say ‘games room’?), or build a new home entirely out of containers (highly recommended), trust TargetBox with the right storage container price, process and people to get the job done. Rentals start at less than $100/month and a mid-sized shipping container (20’) starts at only $2,000.

Take a look at our website, send us a no-obligation quote, and do the same with our competition – we’re confident that you’ll choose family-owned and operated TargetBox. Request your quote on our home page or call 519-266-4015 – we can’t wait to hear from you.