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How to Choose The Best Storage Company In London, Ontario

We all have piles of stuff. And most of the time it isn’t because we are hoarders. Having all 4 seasons calls for various seasonal clothing and gear. It stacks up and can begin to invade your living space.

So, what do you do? Storage outside of your home or apartment is the best answer. Only have your in-season gear and clothes actually in your home. The rest – it can go to storage.

But, how do you choose a storage company? What factors should you keep in mind?

Here is how to choose the best storage company in London, Ontario!

Consider Container Security Features

This is huge. You want your stuff to be safe. Select a company you can trust – and that other people trust. What do their reviews say? Check for security cameras. Ask about safety and security features. Are the cameras on 24/7? Are they monitored? Are the doors sturdy? Inquire into how you access the facility. Is there a pin code? Or a key? How does it work? You’ll want to find out before putting any money down.

Cost Of Renting A Storage Unit

Compare prices! Shop around. Find out what each price includes and how big the storage unit is. If you get a deal, find out why. Is it only for a certain amount of time? When does it expire and when will you have to pay in full? Then, budget and plan for the cost.

It’s All About The Location!

You do not want to have to be commuting half-way across town for your winter gear – especially if winter has already set in. It’s best to look for a storage company closeby to where you live. It’s more convenient and you won’t have to worry about multiple trips if they are necessary. Another option is to get storage delivered to your doorstep when your property allows this.

Opening Hours & Times

When you choose to have storage delivered to your door, you have 24/7 access to your unit. But what if you decide to store your stuff somewhere else? When can you access your storage? Are there rules on times? If so, what are they? If possible, keep an eye out for 24/7 access storage facilities. This means you can grab what you need, when you need it – especially if it’s an emergency.

Unit Size & Storage Type

What do you need to store? How much room do you think you’ll need? Decide on this before committing to any storage company. Also, certain storage companies only store certain items. Find out the one that works best for you and your stuff! You don’t want to show up with your skis and snow gear, only to find out they only store documents or office equipment. Do your research.

Find the best storage company in London, Ontario for you and your family’s needs. Consider each of the above points. Then, enjoy the extra space – without being surrounded by all that stuff!

As a family owned and operated business, TargetBox is proud of its commitment to top-quality service and unparalleled customer care. Our motto is: Aim for simple storage! and we look forward to simplifying your storage and moving needs. Storage Units starting at $85 / month.


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