How to Buy a Shipping Container in Ontario or British Columbia

How to buy a shipping container in Ontario or British Columbia

Whether you want a 10-foot container, 20-foot container or 40-foot container currently for sale in Ontario or British Columbia, you need to understand the whole process of getting a sea can from the terminal to your doorstep.

TargetBox is one of Canada’s leading suppliers of shipping containers, trusted in Ontario and British Columbia to deliver quality products. But what are the steps needed to make your delivery happen? We’re glad you asked.

Step #1: Do Your Shipping Container Research

The first step in buying a shipping container in Ontario or British Columbia is thorough research. This includes understanding the many different sizes and conditions of containers available to purchase.

Sea Can Dimensions

These are the most popular shipping container dimensions, although there are others that are higher (high cube) and longer.

Buy-a-10ft-Shipping-Container-TargetBox-Ontario - Featured Image

10-foot TargetBox Container
Measurements: Width: 8ft > Height: 8ft 6in > Length: 10ft > Weight: 2,870 lbs
Capacity Details: 15.95m (563 cu. ft.)

20-foot New Sea Cans For Sale - TargetBox Shipping Containers

20-foot TargetBox Container
Measurements: Width: 8ft > Height: 8.5ft > Length: 19.84ft > Weight: 5,204 lbs
Capacity Details: 32.8m (1,158 cu. ft.)

40-foot TargetBox Container
Measurements: Width: 8ft > Height: 8.5ft > Length: 40ft > Weight: 8,776 lbs
Capacity Details: 67.2m (2,372 cu. ft.)

Sea Can Conditions

New Shipping Container – These containers are in remarkable condition and have only had one journey from Asia to North America.

Used Shipping Container – These are good-quality containers with minor scratches, dents and rust, and have made a few oceangoing trips.

Construction-Grade Shipping Container – Sold in ‘as-is’ condition, these sea containers have significant rust, dents and paint issues.

Step #2: Consider What You Want and Need

Now that you know what sizes and conditions are available, it’s time to dream big! By investing time in understanding your needs and what shipping containers can do for you, you’re bound to be another happy container owner.

How much space are you looking for? A small 8’x10’ shipping container can be outfitted with a roll-up door to store your lawn tractor and has the cubic feet to fit the contents of an entire one-bedroom apartment.

A simple 8’x20’ shipping container can hold the contents of most two- to three-bedroom homes! That’s a lot of storage space! With a little customization, you can create an epic workshop, office, greenhouse or retail business.

A large 8’x40’ sea can could fit the contents of a large home and can be repurposed into a two-bedroom cottage, large workshop, epic shed or expansive mobile office.

Next, think about how you can ensure that your container is delivered ready for your use. A simple coat of paint perhaps? Or a handy door allowing you to access your container’s contents quickly? If you’re like many TargetBox customers, these two are essential to really enjoy the most of your purchase.

In addition to paint and a door, you can let your mind go wild with the many ways that your container can be perfected for your needs: windows, electrical, insulation, interior finishings and decals. Go wild with a fully customized mobile office or even a cozy tiny home!

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Step #3: Ensure Your Local By-Laws Allow Your Purchase

Many municipalities in Ontario and British Columbia have rules and regulations about the size and placement of shipping containers. They are often considered secondary buildings and must conform to the by-laws, which help to ensure safety, aesthetic beauty and compliance.

Your by-law may restrict where on your property a shipping container can be placed, how many can be set on your property, how long they are allowed to be there, and even if they are allowed for long-term use.

Additional regulations are likely needed to approve your shipping container to a liveable space, such as a TargetBox tiny home.

Speak with your local by-law officer about anything you may need to know about to ensure an easy purchase and installation process.

Step #4: Request and Approve a Quote

Once you know what you want and where it will ultimately be placed, reach out for an itemized quote from TargetBox.

Our convenient online shipping container sales quote form will allow you to input delivery dates, container sizes, modification requests and any other information that you have for our team to review to ensure an accurate quote.

If you’re not sure about all of the details, that’s okay. Targetbox is here to help walk you through this process so that nothing is missed and your journey is a happy one.

Step #5: Prepare the Site for Delivery

Now that you know your container size, condition, modifications, site location and delivery date, it’s time to prepare your property for delivery.

One of the most important site preparation tasks is creating a foundation. Depending on your container use and location, you can choose from a concrete slab, railboard ties, concrete blocks or concrete posts. Once again, you will need to speak with your local inspector to ensure you’re doing things right. The last thing you want to do is have to remove your container after placement.

Suppose your container will have modifications completed prior to delivery. In that case, you should ensure that your site has a new electrical line ready to go, and plumbing services, if you will have water and sewage lines in your container.

Another way to ensure your delivery goes smoothly is to clear the path to the container drop-off site. Make sure tree branches are cut, the path is even and these details have been communicated to TargetBox.

So, How Do You Buy a Shipping Container in Ontario or British Columbia?

Trust TargetBox! Not only have we gone through the purchase process hundreds of times for Canadians in Ontario and British Columbia, but we have the connections and experience to ensure your purchase process goes smoothly.

Spend time doing your research online, then take a look at what’s available through TargeBox. When you’re ready, reach out to ask questions (Ontario: 519-266-4015; B.C.: 604-991-4015) or submit a quote. We look forward to warmly welcoming you into the TargetBox family soon!