How TargetBox Builds Shipping Container Offices in Canada

Many of TargetBox’s customers are Canadian business owners and homeowners who need more than a structurally sound storage space. They want something more functional, stylish, and efficient for their unique purposes—they want an office built for them.

TargetBox works with people just like you to ensure every step of the office fabrication process suits your ultimate needs. On that note, we’re presenting a step-by-step outline of exactly how we go above and beyond to transform a standard shipping container into the office you’ve always dreamed of in a matter of weeks.

1. Make a Plan for Your Office Space

The first step TargetBox always takes in fabricating a mobile office is determining its intended use. Will it be a personal workspace, a site office for one person or a multi-use space with a desk, storage and other equipment purposes? Knowing the purpose is essential for TargetBox to help you in creating a list of features and specific requirements.

2. Design Your Shipping Container Office

Once we have a clear plan of your office’s ultimate purpose, the TargetBox design team gets to work. We sketch out a design that includes the placement of windows, doors, interior walls, electrical outlets and other essential features. 

3. Budget for Your Office Construction and Adjust as Needed

With the initial office design in place, we create a cost estimate. This step involves pricing construction materials, labour, and features like lighting and exterior paint. If the budget exceeds your expectations, TargetBox works with you to adjust the design to find more cost-effective materials and methods for building the office.

4. Get Your Container Delivered and Paint the Exterior

TargetBox has access to a wide range of new, used and construction-grade shipping containers that are factory-painted. If you’re looking for a specific colour, we can repaint the container to your exact palette choice.

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5. Cut Holes and Install Windows/Doors

Cutting and installing windows and doors is a critical step that requires precision. We use specialized tools to create custom-sized openings and fit windows and doors that meet both design specifications and safety standards.

6. Frame the Interior of Your Office

Interior framing is essential for building an office space. TargetBox uses residential-standard wood studs to frame the exterior walls, ceiling and interior walls to create a frame that can include electrical, insulation and hold the wall and ceiling elements.

Shipping Container - interior renovations for office

7. Professionally Install Electrical 

Our in-house electricians will install your office’s entire electrical system, including the fuse box, wiring, outlets, lighting and any other custom additions. This code-approved electrical plan will be able to handle your office’s electrical needs and then some!

8. Add in Spray Foam Insulation

Here in Canada, using proper insulation helps to keep your office’s interior temperatures comfortable. While some opt for standard insulation, TargetBox uses only the best – spracy foam insulation that seals all gaps and makes your office far more energy efficient than other mobile offices.

9. Finish the Interior Walls with Smart Panel Wall Products or Trusscore Interiors

For your new office’s interior walls, TargetBox uses smart panel walls or Trusscore, which are both durable, easy to maintain and have a professional look to them. Trusscore is quickly becoming a popular choice, with its PVC-based material for walls and ceilings that has the versatility that many container conversion projects include.

10. Install Flooring of Your Choice

The final step in the mobile office build process is installing the flooring. Targetbox often uses vinyl and laminate, and works with our customers to find the best fit and design that suits their needs. Either option results in a seamless and attractive finish that’s easy to clean.

Reach out to TargetBox to Learn More About Building Your Own Shipping Container Office in Canada

When you choose to build a shipping container office with TargetBox, you will have a streamlined process that combines helpful planning, expert fabrication and high-quality materials.

Connect with our team to learn more about your next steps and how quickly your new office can come to life!