How TargetBox Builds a Workshop Shipping Container

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If you have ever wanted to purchase a shipping container to convert into a workshop, today is your lucky day! TargetBox is one of Canada’s workshop conversion leaders.

One of TargetBox’s most popular sea container conversions is for workshops. To help you better understand the detail that goes into transforming a sturdy all-steel shipping container into your custom workshop, we have created this convenient outline of upgrades that we normally use in such a project.

Remember, although many people will tell you that building a workshop on your property needs to cost $60,000 or more, while taking months of planning, expensive contractor work and site complications, TargetBox is here to lighten your load. Choosing a shipping container as your workshop structure gives you far more benefits:

  • Handy portability
  • Customized layouts
  • Rock-bottom affordability
  • Large space
  • Long-lasting practicality

TargetBox Construction Steps to Build a Shipping Container Workshop

1. Inspect every corner

Our modification team looks over your chosen container to ensure that there are no major damages to the interior and exterior. The professionals ensure that the doors still seal properly and the container is watertight.

2. Give it a wash

We like to powerwash the interior and exterior to make sure that the paint properly adheres to the exterior, and that the interior is free from dirt.

3. Add windows and doors

Using angle grinders and plasma cutters, we cut windows and doors into the container. Some of our customers appreciate two or more windows in their 40-foot containers, while others just want a standard steel door. As in every stage of the conversion project, the customizations for windows and doors are totally up to you.

4. Frame the interior

Using mostly 2×4 lumber, the TargetBox team frames the interior to allow for unobtrusive electricity wiring and insulation to be installed behind the wall and ceiling.

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5. Install plumbing

Although not standard on most jobs, some workshops are improved with running water to clean paint brushes, wash hands and have a refreshing drink. Although plumbing outside of the container is your responsibility, TargetBox does as much as we possibly can to ensure connecting the pipes is as easy as it can be.

6. Run electricity and outlets

You can have six outlets or more in your shipping container workshop. Each package includes a 30-amp exterior twist plug and power cord.

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7. Electrical inspection

Every workshop is inspected by the Electrical Safety Authority in Ontario or Technical Safety BC in British Columbia, ensuring that the work performed meets code requirements in your region.

8. Spray foam interior

After inspection, we spray foam the complete interior, including ceiling. This ensures a leak-proof insulation barrier that will protect you from bitter winter winds as well as humid summer days.

9. Finishing the ceilings, walls and floors.

Your options here vary quite a bit, from melamine to laminated vinyl to drywall, depending on your workshop needs and your budget. Walls can also include smart panelling, leaving you with a stylish look that is sure to add some creativity flair to your workshop.

How TargetBox Builds a Workshop Shipping Container - TargetBox

10. Paint interior

Tell us your favourite colour and the walls of your quickly constructed workshop will be finished in style.

11. Lighting

Although your lighting options are practically unlimited, TargetBox recommends LED lighting with switches. These lights give powerful illumination throughout your workshop, help you save money on electricity and are cool to touch.

12. Comfort Features

Canada’s fluctuating weather doesn’t make life easy, which is why we can include both a thru-wall A/C unit as well as an in-wall heating system to ensure that the temperatures in your shop are perfect, whether you’re fixing a kid’s bike in summer or crafting a wooden creation in winter.

13. Paint exterior

Lastly, TargetBox’s modification team paints the exterior in your custom colour choice. We can even include your business’s logo for an extra dash of promotional value.

Whatever dream you have for your shipping container workshop, trust the pros at TargetBox to transform it into a reality. We can do every step you just read above, plus much, much more. Reach out to us to explain what you’re looking for – we can’t wait to see it come to life!