How Can Canadian Business Owners Choose the Right Shipping Container?

Canada’s ever-growing businesses require shipping containers to play a vital role in the logistics of their products and services. We’re not talking about shipping around the world; we’re talking about portable storage and service-delivery spaces!

Shipping containers are awesome steel giants, originally designed for transporting goods across oceans, and are finding new life as ways for businesses to quickly adjust to their needs.

Why Businesses are Choosing Shipping Containers

Easy and Practical to Modify Into Whatever You Need

Shipping containers are a blank canvas for creative business thinking. Popular conversion options that TargetBox has undertaken in the recent past include:

Inexpensive & Great Return on Investment

Modifying a shipping container is often more cost-effective than building “bricks and mortar” structures. They need basic foundation work (set on blocks or a concrete pad) and have a much shorter construction timeline with fewer headaches along the way.

However, it’s crucial to set a realistic budget that includes the cost of your TargetBox container purchase, modifications and any permits.

Sustainability Benefits

Repurposing is eco-friendly and a great way to divert massive amounts of steel from landfills. By giving a gently used container a second life (often that lasts much longer than its first life), you contribute to reducing metal waste and the environmental footprint of new construction materials.

You can even take a modified shipping container to a whole new ‘green’ level by outfitting it with a solar panel for completely ‘off-grid’ applications.

Regulation Reasons

Before embarking on your massive shipping container transformation project, check your local building codes and regulations. Regulations regarding container conversions vary by municipality, and you may need permits or approvals.

That being said, the paperwork dealing with a shipping container structure on your property is often far less than a permanent structure.

20' New Shipping Container with Open Side - TargetBox

Size Matters!

TargetBox shipping containers are ready to ship, with a variety of sizes ready to go, from 8×10 shipping containers to 8×20 shipping containers to as large as 8×40 shipping containers! Each can provide you with the exact space you need today and the space you need tomorrow.

Business Owners: Reach Out to TargetBox Today

Repurposing shipping containers is a sustainable and cost-effective way to meet business needs, from creating offices and retail spaces to providing housing and storage solutions.

These structures offer a creative outlet for your brand while reducing environmental impact and construction costs. When selecting a TargetBox shipping container for your project, consider factors like size, condition and intended use.

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