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How A Shipping Container Can Help While Renovating Your Home

A home renovation is a major process that is costly, lengthy, and full of unexpected setbacks. With such a big project on your plate, the last thing you should have to worry about is where to store all of your belongings. A shipping container is an affordable and simple way to store your possessions securely for the duration of your renovation.

Shipping containers are a convenient storage solution

If you opt to use a traditional storage facility for your furniture and miscellaneous items, you’ll need a moving truck to take everything to your storage unit. This requires time, money, and manpower – all of which could be used more effectively for your renovation project. In contrast, a shipping container will be delivered to your home, and it will remain on your property for as long as you need it. You only need to move items to the container, which is a much smaller workload than transporting everything off the premises. When the renovation is over, all of your belongings are right outside, ready to be moved back in.

Shipping containers keep your items safe

You have a lot to juggle during a renovation, and when your items are stored off-site, you have no control over the safety of your belongings. Perhaps someone could break into your storage unit, or bugs could get in, or extreme temperatures could cause damage – all additional worries that are unnecessary. A shipping container is uniquely designed with tight security to keep intruders out, and it’s weather- and rodent-proof. With a shipping container, your items are fully protected.

Shipping Container Sizes - TargetBox Containers

Our shipping containers come in 3 convenient sizes to fit your specific needs.

Shipping containers can accommodate all home sizes

If you’re working through a full-scale renovation, you might be concerned that a shipping container can’t hold all of your belongings. However, TargetBox offers three shipping container sizes that are perfectly suited to handle any load.

  • The 8’ x 10’ container can easily hold the contents of smaller homes like one-bedroom apartments, condos, or houses. This container size is most ideal for smaller renovation projects.
  • The 8’ x 20’ container can hold the contents of most two- to three-bedroom homes. For bigger homes, two containers may be needed.
  • The 8’ x 40’ is the largest container and accommodates the largest home renovation projects.

Regardless of your needs, there’s a shipping container that’s just right for every renovation.

Shipping containers offer more flexibility

Whether you’re attempting the renovation yourself or you’ve hired contractors, your project is sure to take longer than expected. But if you’ve stored your items off-site at a traditional storage facility, this could be a problem. You might run into unexpected fees or, worst-case scenario, you might have to give up your space and find a new unit. Shipping containers eliminate these concerns. If you need your container for longer than anticipated, it’s easy to extend your rental period and the additional costs are minimal. This allows you to focus your energy on tackling the problems inside your home.

Home renovations have a lot of unpredictable factors but storing your belongings safely and securely shouldn’t be one of them. Contact TargetBox today to explore storage container options for your project.