Hospitality Businesses Love Shipping Containers, and This is Why

When the world demands flexible, durable and cost-effective building solutions, leave it to the ingenuity of mankind to create amazing solutions.

Right here in Southwestern Ontario, businesses are jumping at the opportunity to purchase and retrofit gently used shipping containers. With the cost, time and frustration of standard construction, it just makes sense!

So, what are Ontario’s hospitality business owners doing with their sea cans?

Shipping Container Cafės/Bars

With a shipping container structure, businesses have the mobility and flexibility to bring their favourite drinks directly to their customers. A 40-foot shipping container from TargetBox has 67.2 cu. m. (2,372 cu. ft.) of space to hold all of your wildest cafe and bar dreams. Outfit the unit in all of the necessary upgrades you need: electricity, windows, doors, air conditioning – even a bar is not out of the question. Just don’t forget to buy us a drink!

Shipping Container Hotels and B&Bs

Few people would choose to sleep in an empty shipping container, but with hospitality business innovation and ingenuity, a TargetBox shipping container can be magically transformed into super-chic oases of rest and relaxation.

TargetBox has our own series of amazing Canadian tiny homes that can certainly suit your needs, but if you want to take on another DIY project, try it on your own! Here are some photos of many of the areas you will need to upgrade to ensure full compliance and guest satisfaction.

Shipping Container Retail Kiosks

If you have a seasonal business or just need a small building that can be quickly made mobile, a shipping container is where it’s at. Customize your retail biz with windows, roll-up doors, and comfortable add-ons that will invite people in to experience your brand and make the sale happen.

Now’s the Time to Buy Your TargetBox Shipping Container

Trust one of Ontario’s leading suppliers of shipping containers to deliver high-quality containers that are ready for your creative minds to transform it into something that will deliver revenue fast.

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