Garden Suites: The Perfect Solution for Expanding Living Spaces in Toronto

If you haven’t noticed yet, Toronto is facing a massive housing crisis the likes of which have not been experienced. Our population grows, and immigration continues to flourish, while the housing supply is limited.

It’s time to think creatively and use your current property to expand its living spaces without the high cost, inconvenience and frustrations of undertaking a major renovation project. Fortunately, the City of Toronto allows garden suites and supports their development – learn more here!

TargetBox garden suites are living units with bedrooms, washrooms and kitchens, built on the same property as an existing home. They are small enough to fit on many properties (our smallest unit is 13’x8’) and can be comfortably placed in backyards and even laneways.

Here are Five Reasons Why Toronto Residents are Choosing Garden Suites

Increase the Quantity of Housing for Property Owners in the Greater Toronto Area

With so little housing in Toronto, garden suites offer an excellent opportunity to increase the number of houses. These ‘tiny homes’ are a practical and efficient way to accommodate the growing population and address the demand for affordable housing.

Fast and Easy Construction

Garden suites provide additional living spaces on existing properties without the need for significant land development. This means that the process to have a garden suite approved through the City is faster and easier.

The suite’s construction itself takes place offsite so there will not be distracting work happening throughout the day, and the speed of construction can also be faster.

Enhanced Privacy and Independence

Toronto garden suites offer a separate living space, providing property owners or their extended family (parents and/or children) with enhanced privacy and independence. This allows for multi-generational living or additional rental income through a B&B.

Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly

Toronto is committed to sustainability, and using existing land and infrastructure to its best. This is smart urban development and welcomed, depending on many factors including your lot size, fire code regulations and proximity to trees and property lines. Learn more on the City’s web page devoted to garden suites.

Preserving Toronto’s Neighbourhood Character

One of the significant advantages of garden suites is their ability to blend into a neighbourhood without tearing down existing homes and building new (ugly) monstrosities. With careful design and consideration, TargetBox garden suites can maintain the aesthetic charm and character of the area.

Take the Next Step – Request Your No-Obligation Quote for a Garden Suite in Toronto

Garden suites are jam-packed with benefits for property owners in Toronto. Reach out to Toronto’s garden suite supplier, TargetBox, to learn more about what is included in a garden suite and how your dream living expansion can be a reality before you know it.

It’s time to embrace innovative living options and build a bright future for Toronto!

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