Garden Suites in Kitchener Now Possible With TargetBox Tiny Homes

Solving the housing affordability crisis is now possible thanks to revisions to municipal by-laws allowing detached living units on residential properties. Call them whatever you want – tiny homes, garden suites, granny suites or anything else – as long as you follow the local Kitchener-Waterloo by-laws, expanding your property’s living space is now possible. And it’s cheaper, faster and better than ever before.

As Kitchener residents know, finding a new home can be challenging, and there is pent-up demand for cozy spaces that Canadians can finally call their own.

Kitchener currently is pushing for more tiny homes (a.k.a. Garden suites, laneway suites, backyard homes and second dwelling units) and wants to work with homeowners to ensure they are done right. You can read more about Kitchener’s By-law here.

TargetBox garden suites are built in a controlled environment just outside of Kitchener, and come with most things needed for independent living: kitchen, full bathroom, bedroom(s) and even space for a couch. These units are cozy in size, mobile to fit on many properties and can be ready to ship in as little as a few weeks.

Kitchen in a TargetBox Tiny Home

Kitchener Residents: Do You Want to Know the Benefits of Building a Detached Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU)?

You’re in luck! When you choose a Targetbox garden suite, you have a high-quality tiny home that’s everything you dreamed of and more.

Kitchener Housing Crisis Solved

There are up to 25,000 tiny homes allowed to be built on Kitchener properties, addressing the huge demand for affordable and quality-constructed homes in our bustling region.

Each TargetBox garden suite is built of steel, can withstand hurricanes and is custom-designed to meet the needs of Kitchener residents.

Speedy Construction That’s Hassle-Free

Each TargetBox tiny home is built offsite and away from your neighbourhood, ensuring that much of the construction noise is also away from your family and easily annoyed residents around you.

By minimizing disturbances and doing all of the tiny-home work in a controlled environment, TargetBox keeps the This will keep disturbances minimized while expediting the process – a TargetBox garden suite can be delivered to Hamilton properties in as little as a few weeks.

The Top 10 Tiny Home Essentials for Canadians - TargetBox - kitchen image

Tiny Home Modifications as Unique as You Are

Whether the extra living space is for you, your kids or your parents, know that every TargetBox shipping container garden suite is customized to ensure you have everything you need for the best living experience possible. (Just be sure to abide by Kitchener’s by-laws, of course.)

TargetBox’s garden suites are fully customizable and can be designed to suit your unique requests, such as doors, ventilation, interior finishes and much more. Even exterior cladding to ensure your shipping container doesn’t look like a shipping container. Consider our 13’ garden suite, 20’ garden suite or 40’ garden suite right now, and request your customizations through a no-obligation quote.

Building a More Sustainable Future for Kitchener-Waterloo

Why go through the process of a major renovation, and the garbage that results from it, when you can simply add a living space to your property with only minimal waste?

TargetBox’s cozy units use reclaimed sea cans and are locally constructed to ensure that the environmental impact of your project is minimized. When there is waste, it is kept offsite and recycled whenever possible.

Keeping Kitchener as Unique as the Homes Within It

Many residents believe that the way to expand living spaces in Kitchener is to demolish small homes and build monster mansions in their place. The much more economical, ecological and practical approach is to buy TargetBox garden suites, designed and cladded to keep your neighbourhood beautiful while providing homeowners with the flexible lifestyle options they need.

Order your Garden Suite for Your Kitchener Property Today

Expand your living spaces in Ktichener with the high-quality, low-cost, uniquely designed tiny home from TargetBox. We have years of experience in this area and look forward to providing you and those in your care with the best living solution possible.

Reach out to our Kitchener garden suite experts today using our contact form and enjoy the many opportunities for ‘building’ success ahead.

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