Five Ways That Farmers Use Shipping Containers to Save Money and Increase Productivity

Shipping Container by Garden

British Columbia’s farmers are working harder than ever and doing more with less while producing food that feeds thousands of hard-working Canadians.

TargetBox shipping containers are finding homes on farms as they are versatile, cost-effective and quickly address many farmers’ most pressing challenges.

Here are five ways that farmers in British Columbia are using shipping containers to enhance their productivity and reduce expenses.

Shipping Containers are the Ultimate Storage Solution

Farmers need to store it all, and there’s never enough space! Whether it’s animal feed, equipment, supplies, vehicles or inventory, every farmer needs places to store valuables securely.

TargetBox shipping containers are inexpensive and are a superior alternative to traditional buildings. Every shipping container is guaranteed to be durable, weather resistant and mobile, helping farmers to stay ahead of their needs and reduce their capital investment.

You can even divide a shipping container to store feed on one side and equipment on the other!

You can greatly expand your equipment storage space using a container cover over two shipping containers, like these sold by Future Buildings. This metal cover is simple to install and can fit boats, tractors and anything else where more room and height is needed.

10ft Container behind barn

Shipping Containers can be Remote, Mobile Offices

Having a dedicated space on your property to get administrative work done can save hours every week. TargetBox can take your design vision and transform a standard shipping container into a mobile office that can be placed wherever it’s needed on your property.

Complete with electrical, insulation, doors, windows and a splash of paint, your onsite office can have whatever you dream without the expense, timeline and hassle of hiring a contractor.

Shipping Containers Can Bring Your Workshop to Your Farm

Why run all of the way back to the farmhouse to work on your next wood project? TargetBox can work with you to convert a shipping container of your choice into a functional and affordable workshop. Whether you need a dedicated woodshop or welding shop, our containers can be modified. Need one window? Need two? How about sliding doors and plenty of lighting? TargetBox has you covered.

Shipping Containers can be Homes for Animals

You may have animals that could benefit from a cozy, customized space. Our shipping containers can be retrofitted to include ventilation, customized doors/openings and additional shelter opportunities to ensure your livestock live their finest lives.

Using shipping containers for animal housing helps British Columbia’s farmers save on unnecessary construction costs.

Shipping Containers can be Farm Gate Stands

Nothing beats buying produce directly from farmers. Help to increase your bottom line with a shipping container converted into a roadside or market stand.

These container shops can be set up quickly or can be permanent places on your property to securely store and sell your goods. Eliminate the need for middlemen and reconnect with your customers!

TargetBox Supports Farmers With Their Storage, Sales and Animal Needs

We’re here to help walk you through thinking differently and repurposing our versatile structures to save money, increase productivity and adapt to the agricultural industry.

Whether it’s for storage, offices, workspaces, animal shelters or farm stands, shipping containers are proving to be invaluable assets on modern farms.