Farmers Love Shipping Container Storage, and This is Why

Farmers Love Shipping Container Storage, and This is Why - TargetBox Containers - Banner Image

TargetBox has sold hundreds of shipping containers to farmers across Canada. Not only do they appreciate the speed and friendliness of our customer service team, but they also love the container itself and the many benefits it offers their rural business.

Here are FIVE major reasons agricultural landowners trust TargetBox shipping containers more than ever before.

British Columbia and Ontario By-laws Allow Shipping Containers on Rural Properties

Urban centres often have rules limiting the use of shipping containers, especially on residential properties, but most Canadian municipalities allow shipping containers to be used on rural properties, including ranches and farms.

Minor Imperfections are Okay by Farmers

If this writer’s mom decided on a shipping container, it would likely need to be a particular colour, with no dents or scratches. It would have to look beautiful.

When the custodians of the countryside are choosing a shipping container, things don’t need to be as perfect. A well-used shipping container with a few dents, scratches and paint scrapes is certainly an option – and will save you a ton of money in the process.

Shipping Containers are Flexible

A 40-foot container can be used to keep firewood dry, a 20-foot container can store animal feed and a smaller 10-foot container can be a breakroom for farm labourers. You can use sea cans to store farm implements one day and then transform it into a hay storage container the very next. Shipping containers allow farmers to change with the seasons.

Farmers Love Shipping Container Storage, and This is Why - TargetBox Containers 01

Sea Cans are Moveable

Nothing is permanent on a farm, so your structures shouldn’t be permanent either. Being able to move your shipping container from one place to another quickly and easily is a crucial reason why farmers choose them, whether it is needed out in the bush in the winter, beside the dairy cattle in the summer or wherever else it is needed.

Steel Containers Are Meant to Last

Although the fields change with the season, containers can last more than 20 years! Made from 100% CORTEN steel designed to withstand typhoons on the Pacific Ocean, TargetBox shipping containers still have much to offer the world and are sure to last for decades.

Are you a Canadian Farmer Looking for Shipping Containers?

Farmers, ranchers and other agricultural superstars all must have shipping containers. They are flexible, moveable, built to last and (to save money) they might have a few dents and scratches. If you’re interested, give your Canadian shipping container professionals a shout to learn more about our current inventory – our containers can be delivered to you in as little as three days!