Expand Housing Opportunities in Hamilton with TargetBox Garden Suites

Kitchen, dining and sleeping area in a TargetBox Tiny Home

Whether you call them garden suites or tiny homes, these beautiful, little accommodations are the answer to solving the housing affordability crisis here in Hamilton, Ontario.

The limited supply of homes, coupled with the exorbitant cost of renovations, make off-site-constructed garden suites the answer to Ontario’s dilemma.

Thinking creatively and strategically can open up new opportunities for housing on your current property in Hamilton. Fortunately, Hamilton does allow tiny homes (a.k.a. Garden suites and second dwelling units) and wants to work with homeowners to ensure they are done right. You can http://www.hamilton.ca/residentialzoning(External link).

TargetBox garden suites are built just outside of Hamilton and are packed with everything needed to define a living space: kitchen, full bathroom, bedroom(s) and even space to kick back and relax. They are small and mobile to fit on many properties and can be ready to ship in as little as a few weeks.

Hamilton Residents Are Building Detached Second Dwelling Units (Garden Suites), and You Should Too!

You need to consider a Targetbox garden suite if you’re a resident in the Town of Ancaster, Town of Dundas, Town of Flamborough, Township of Glanbrook, City of Hamilton and City of Stoney Creek.

Here are just some of the many reasons why choosing a TargetBox tiny home for your property, or perhaps a more simplified portable studio space, could be the best decision you’ve ever made.

Add Quality Housing in Hamilton

Tiny homes in your backyard (also called detached second dwelling units or ‘garden suites’) address the huge demand for affordable and awesome homes in our bustling region. These units are built of steel, can withstand hurricanes and are designed to meet your needs.

Off-Site Construction That’s Fast and Worry-Free

The suite’s construction does not take place in Hamilton, annoying your family and neighbourhood; most work takes place offsite in a factory-controlled facility just outside Hamilton. This will keep disturbances minimized while expediting the process – a TargetBox garden suite can be delivered to Hamilton properties in as little as a few weeks.

More Options Than Ever Before

Whether you give your children their own space, welcome back your parents or want to rent out space to others in Hamilton, the options for your new living space are limitless. (As long as you abide by our local by-laws of course.)

TargetBox’s garden suites for Hamilton are fully customizable and can be designed to suit your unique requests, such as doors, ventilation, interior finishes and much more. Consider our 13’ garden suite, 20’ garden suite or 40’ garden suite right now, and request your customizations through a no-obligation quote.

Kitchen storage in a TargetBox Tiny Home

Sustainable Living for Hamilton

Hamilton’s commitment to sustainability is legendary, as its residents choose to live without significantly increasing their carbon footprint. Our cozy units use reclaimed shipping containers and are locally constructed to ensure that the environmental impact of your project is minimized.

Keeping Neighbourhoods Uniquely Hamilton

Why flatten your home just to build another large one in its space? Keeping the beauty of your current abode and adding a detached extra garden suite will preserve your neighbourhood feel while greatly increasing the housing space in our city.

Trust TargetBox’s design team to work with you to build a tiny home that fits into your neighbourhood – with exterior cladding – while keeping all of the benefits you want and need.

Make Your Garden Suite in Hamilton a Reality With a Free Quote

Now is the best time to build your garden suite to expand your living spaces and start living your life! Connect with Hamilton’s garden suite provider, TargetBox, and learn more about the many tiny-home options and epic modifications available to help you think outside the box.

It’s time to embrace creative living options in Hamilton!

Sleeping area in a modified TargetBox shipping container

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