Embrace DIY! Move with TargetBox Shipping Containers

Do-it-yourself (DIY) has exploded in growth as a popular choice for pretty much everything, which makes it no surprise that it’s now the best way to move your home’s precious valuables.

As Canadians seek more control over the moving process and save a boatload of money, DIY moving is all of the rage, especially with the help of your local shipping container rental business.

Moving Your Home With a Shipping Container Gives Canadians Freedom

For those looking for a hands-on approach to relocation, TargetBox is your one and only option. Our moving services allow you to quickly rent a shipping container and manage the delivery without worrying about it.

Traditional “moving truck” companies give you strict schedules that you must adhere to, with any deviation costing you valuable time. Our world doesn’t conform to these sorts of plans, and your moving solution needs flexibility.

Fill out our online rental form, and TargetBox can have a shipping container delivered to you within 48 hours. We will place it in a safe and accessible location that gives you a ton of space to load your home’s contents for however long you want it.

Monthly rental rates for our shipping containers start as low as only $110 for an entire month!

DIY movers like you can take your time packing and loading your belongings securely and safely, ensuring less stress, fewer accidents, and better organization.

When you’re ready to move, let your TargetBox team member know, and we’ll arrange the pickup and drop off of your DIY moving box. From that point, we’ll continue to let you move out your contents at your leisure until you let us know you’re done with it.

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Saving Money By Moving With DIY Shipping Containers

DIYers love finding rock-bottom prices, and moving services are another great way to explore your thriftiness.

With a transparent pricing program that covers the cost of the container plus travel expenses, DIY movers can enjoy saving money while knowing exactly how much the entire move will cost.

TargetBox shipping containers cost as low as $110 per month while moving trucks can cost double or triple that (or more!) for a single day!

Your Moving Container Size Options

Choosing the right container size is a crucial aspect of the DIY moving process, and TargetBox simplifies this decision by offering containers in various sizes that are available when you need them.

Moving Container 8′ x 10′

This shipping container box is large enough to move the contents of most smaller homes, like a one-bedroom apartment, condo or house. It is also a great storage option for furniture and appliances during home small home renovation projects.

Moving Container 8′ x 20′

This box will move the contents of most two to three-bedroom homes. If you have a larger home, rent two containers! This shipping container fits comfortably on most driveways, making it the perfect storage choice for moving large homes.

Please visit our container sizes overview page to learn more about our specialized moving containers.

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DIY Moving With TargetBox Gives You Freedom and Saves You Money

Moving the DIY way with TargetBox shipping containers is practical, cost-efficient and embraces the DIY movement at every step of the process.

TargetBox provides your all-in-one moving solution. With great moving tips to help you get organized, and stay sane.

Take control over your home’s contents with TargetBox – request your free quote right now.