‘Electrify’ Your Shipping Container

Electricity in Your Shipping Container A Very Bright Idea - TargetBox - 7

TargetBox encourages its Ontario customers to not only purchase shipping containers, but to make them their own, with upgrades that can help to improve accessibility and functionality. 

Modifying a shipping container to include electricity offers countless benefits that take a vessel that’s designed for transporting goods into a fantastic space only limited by your imagination. 

One of the biggest reasons you should consider adding electricity to a shipping container is if you’re creating a mobile workspace or storage building that needs frequent illumination. When you allow TargetBox to go ‘electric’ on your container, you will get everything needed and more: electrical outlets, lighting fixtures, heating/AC systems – everywhere you need it. 

You will also have the ability to plug in your tools, equipment and the ever-important cellphone charger.

Shipping Container with Electrical Installation - TargetBox

Power Your Ontario Business

These electrified containers can be best used as offices, workshops and even retail stores. This is especially true in regions of Ontario that require your operations to be mobile or have a small or remote location to drop your space. 

If you’re running a business in Ontario, electrified shipping containers can streamline operations by reducing your operational costs and even increasing sales. Every digital device you need to operate can be powered from the comfort of a fully modified shipping container, from checkout tablets to refrigerators to security systems!

Electricity in Your Shipping Container A Very Bright Idea - TargetBox

Request Your Powered-Up Shipping Container

Asking TargetBox to modify your shipping container to include electrical ‘everything’ (one of this year’s top five favourite upgrades) unlocks a world of possibilities, ranging from mobile workspaces to sustainable energy solutions. 

Doing so will help your Ontario business (or yourself if you’re using it for personal use) make your life a little easier faster, cheaper and better than you ever thought possible. Reach out for a free quote!