Electricity in Your Shipping Container: A Very Bright Idea

Electricity in Your Shipping Container A Very Bright Idea - TargetBox

You likely have big plans for your shipping container. They can be used as storage, workshops, retail stores, cottages and so much more.

Whatever you plan to do with your shipping container, having it decked out in all of the necessities you need will make it a worthwhile addition to your property.

When you buy your shipping can from TargetBox, spend a little extra $$$ and have it arrive on your property 100% ready to go with the electricity you need. Whether you’re looking for an arrangement of interior/exterior outlets, air conditioning, heating, LED lighting or any other custom approach to making your space a little more livable, our modification experts are here to help.

Here are some popular reasons why TargetBox customers choose to have their container outfitted with electricity:

Container Workshop

Although with the interior and exterior lights to illuminate your creative space 24/7, you will need a series of outlets strategically located throughout and can be located wherever you need them: above your workbenches and below ground level. Going all out with an inspected service panel and outlets will help to reduce the number of extension cords you have while simplifying your operations.

While you’re making your dream shop come to life, ask us about our features such as heating and cooling systems. These will help to keep you cool in Canadian winters, and comfortable in Canadian summers.

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Storage Outbuilding

For most of Canada, the skies get dark early in the evening for much of the year. For that reason you need security porchlights on the outside of your container, near the door, and a couple of fluorescent/LED lights inside. This will help to make finding things easier while keeping your valuables safe.

Cottage or Secondary Residence

It is likely not news to you when we say that your tiny home will require a bit of electricity to make it the comfortable oasis you dream of. TargetBox can modify your container with everything you need, plus a complete electricity system that is inspected and approved for your use. Interior lighting, exterior lights, outlets to charge your digital devices and even a fan in the washroom are all possible with a TargetBox tiny container home.

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Retail Store

If your business needs to become mobile without spending a ton, ask TargetBox to convert a container into a fashionable pop-up shop. Along with all of the customizations you need and expect, TargetBox will include a custom lighting setup and electrical outlets in the exact positions you require.

Mobile Office

Wherever your business takes you, bring your office with you in your portable container office. Your container will have a simple plug-in service panel and an interior packed with the outlets you need to keep your office electronics available to you wherever you go.

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Construction Equipment Storage

Being able to quickly, easily and securely store your valuable equipment right on your jobsite is essential nowadays. Add an exterior security light and interior lights to make accessing your business’s equipment even more convenient for your employees.

What is Your Reason for Needing Electricity in Your Shipping Container?

Dream big and let us know about what electrical solutions you are looking for. We’ll work with you to create an affordable quote and have your container modified faster than you ever thought possible. Reach out to TargetBox today!