Do You Have the Need for Speed? Shipping Containers Are Ready for Delivery to Canadians Faster Than Ever Before

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Buy or rent a sea can through TargetBox, and delivery can be made in as little as 24 hours!

TargetBox is strategically located in Ontario and British Columbia to deliver high-quality, all-steel, weather-proof shipping containers to people just like you faster than anyone else.

Does the Speed of Your Shipping Container Delivery Matter?

Absolutely it does. TargetBox understands that in many cases you don’t have time to get building designs, pay for an engineer, wait on contractors and deal with supply issues. When you need storage or moving space, you need it now. 

Buying or renting our shipping containers (also called sea cans) are easy and reliable ways to get a large amount of storage where you need it fast, whether you are moving a home’s contents, storing seasonal materials or securing high-value equipment

Sea Cans Are Available When Problems Happen

TargetBox is the preferred go-to for more than just planned activities. Sometimes, sudden construction delays or complex logistics dilemmas can mean huge costs for you or your business. With a sea can, whether you own or rent, you have access to flexible storage solutions within a couple of days.

It seems to be happening more frequently that kids are moving back home to live with their parents. Where do you put their ‘stuff’? What happens to their eclectic decor choices? Having a waterproof, clean and reliable shipping container right on your property is the fastest answer to solving at least part of this problem. 

Fast & Easy Shipping Container Delivery When Disaster Strikes

Whether you live in Ontario or British Columbia, Mother Nature can deliver sudden and severe damage to our homes and businesses. Trust TargetBox to quickly deliver storage options that will save your precious memories or protect your valuable goods.
TargetBox Delivery All Over Ontario and BC

How TargetBox Connects You With a Sea Can in Ontario or B.C. Fast!

We understand you need a storage solution fast. Our team of storage professionals has experience spanning decades that involve working with people just like you. Whether you seek a one-month rental or you would like to purchase your sea can to own forever, here are the four worry-free steps needed to make your delivery happen.

  1. Complete an online storage quote request.
  2. We will review your request and provide you with an accurate quote, often same-day. 
  3. As soon as you agree to the quote, our team gets to work, securing the closest solution to your address. 
  4. Once your delivery location is confirmed and the container is set to go, our team will notify you with an approximate arrival time.

This can all happen in a matter of hours, with a container on its way faster than you ever thought possible. If your request is urgent, please call us directly at 519-266-4015 in Ontario or 604-991-4015 in British Columbia. 

Which Container Best Suits My Immediate Needs?

Our 10’x8’ container can hold the contents of most one-bedroom homes, apartments or condos. If you have a two-to-three-bedroom home, you probably need our 20’ container, while our 40’ container offers plenty of space for the contents of even the largest residence. Learn more about sea can sizes here.

For the Fastest Storage Solution, Trust TargetBox 

Whether you are buying or renting, Canadian-owned TargetBox is here to deliver steel pods to your home or business in record time. (Often less than 48 hours!) Reach out to the TargetBox pros by filling out our quote request form, and we will get back to you quickly.