Buying a Shipping Container in British Columbia

Buying a Shipping Container in British Columbia - TargetBox Container Sales & Rentals

Whether you’re in Vancouver, Coquitlam, Abbotsford, Chilliwack or beyond, TargetBox has the exact c can for sale where you need, when you need it.

Purchasing a shipping container for your British Columbia home, business or farm is a fun and fast way to get extra space you need, but like any purchase you should do your research before choosing a container. Yes, shipping containers make the impossible possible, but TargetBox recommends that you’re 100% certain that you’re buying the right shipping container size and container grade you need for your unique needs.

Even if you’re set on buying a sea can just as a storage solution, take a few minutes to browse through our recent articles on shipping container uses, and let your imagination go wild with ideas. How about a backyard office? Or a workout room? Or a secluded mountain workshop? Shipping containers can do it all and so much more.

Sea Container for Sale or Rent?

For longer-term options, we recommend that you consider outright buying your seacan. When you own it, you can do anything you like at an affordable price – much lower than if you were to buy a whole new building. 

Although many TargetBox customers choose to buy their containers, many of our British Columbia customers choose to rent their shipping container, which they use for short-term storage, or for moving their household contents from one place to the next.

Benefits for British Columbians to Buy a Shipping Container


How much does it cost to build an addition on your home, or a storage building on your business or farm property? Too much. It’s time to rethink the high cost of construction by completely removing the frustrations.

Fortunately there are better options. Shipping containers can provide you with affordable multifunctional space in a matter of days. Why waste money on building new or paying exorbitant fees on immovable rental units when you can buy your own permanent solution and have it delivered wherever you need it? Current British Columbia prices for c cans are frequently lower than any other legal solution.

Resists Weather

British Columbia certainly isn’t known for its sunshine – Abbotsford soaks up yearly precipitation of more than 60 inches! But rain doesn’t stop TargetBox’s shipping containers. No matter the container grade, each seacan is guaranteed to be waterproof to handle anything that Mother Nature can throw at it. Especially water!

Know that for every grade of sea container, TargetBox specialists ensure that they are reliable, durable and fully weatherproof.

Modification Options

Many of our BC customers love shipping containers to store machinery, stack seasonal equipment or create a little extra space. To get the full use out of your 10-foot shipping container, 20-foot shipping container or 40-foot shipping container ask TargetBox to undertake your dream modifications. 

Imagine what you can do with your container; TargetBox will help to make it a reality. We are the British Columbia experts in modifying containers with offices, windows, paint, drywall, insulation, electrical and much more.

Modified Shipping container

Suits Your Unique Needs

Cheap metal sheds never protect British Columbia’s valuables like you need them to. TargetBox shipping containers do everything for you and more – they are fast to deliver, easy to move, durable for decades, modifiable when your needs change, and they won’t ever let you down. A shipping container is the one option that delivers you exactly what you need.

Order Your New or Used Shipping Container in British Columbia

Located east of Chilliwack off of the Trans-Canada Highway, TargetBox is around any time to talk with you about your needs and what we currently have available for delivery in as little as 48 hours. We would be happy to speak with you soon about our sea containers for sale! Request a quote right now

Whether you call it a sea can, cargo container, C can, ISO container or shipping container, for units ready for sale in British Columbia be sure to call TargetBox first: 604-991-4015.