Building the Ultimate Shipping Container Workshop

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Trust TargetBox with your sea container and all the upgrades you need to make your dream workshop happen.

Whether you have the methodically laid-out plans for every square inch of your new workshop space or want to trust the professionals, you can count on TargetBox. We are a leading Canadian shipping container conversion company with experience in a wide range of sea container projects, from offices and studios to tiny homes and cottages.

Work with TargetBox to eliminate the stress of creating new workshop spaces faster and better than ever before. Our project managers, designers and fabricators will work with you to ensure your workshop space is all you need and more.

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What Does a TargetBox Container Workshop include?

No two container workshops are the same, and we will customize every aspect of your workshop to have it the way you need it to be.

Entry Methods
An easy-access door or two will help you to gain secure access to your shop oasis. We can include standard “man doors”, roll-up doors and even French doors.

Air Circulation
Strategically located windows encourage airflow in your shipping container workshop, with vents and even heating and air conditioning.

Electrical System
We can install and have your entire electrical system inspected before your container is delivered. Outlet placements can be customized and withstand the requirements of the tools and equipment you will be using.

Comfortable Amenities
Along with ensuring the air temperature is comfortable, we can spray foam the interior walls to reduce your electrical needs and the fluctuations of cold and hot inside your workshop. We can finish your floor with plywood or any other material that is more conducive to frequent usage.

Finishing Touches
Not everyone wants their shipping container workshop to look like a shipping container. That’s why TargetBox can paint the exterior of your unit in the colour of your choice and even include decals/stickers to promote your business.

Lock-in Your Container Workshop Quote Today

Reach out to the TargetBox team to discuss your workshop plans, get a quote and begin the container workshop process today. Your new workspace will be delivered to your home or business faster than you think.