Build Your Own Self-Storage Business


Looking for an affordable way to launch a scalable business with passive income? There has never been a better time to consider starting your own storage facility built using shipping containers.

Tens of thousands of storage facilities are growing in number and size across Canada, meeting the growing demand of Canadians who seek to have offsite space to store their precious (and sometimes not-too-precious) belongings.

How Does Self-Storage Work?

Self-storage facilities offer clean, secure and accessible spaces for a wide variety of people to store their belongings. The units vary in size and can securely store everything from convertibles and ATVs to tables and chairs. Canadians pay a monthly fee for this service and can access their goods when needed. It’s that easy!

Start Small and Expand as Your Business Grows

So, how do you get in on this new trend? If you have some land, or a parking lot with room to spare, why not use it to make money? By trusting TargetBox shipping containers, you can start with as little as one shipping container and expand your facility as consumer demand increases.

Using shipping containers as self-storage units is a wise and economical way to start a business with a fast ROI.


Why Choose Shipping Containers for Self-Storage?

There are five primary reasons why you should consider building your facility with shipping containers:

Durability – TargetBox shipping containers are made with 14-gauge CORTEN steel and can withstand Canada’s fiercest storms while frustrating thieves.

Hands-off Conversions – TargetBox’s Canadian modification teams in Ontario and British Columbia can convert shipping containers to make them into the spaces you need for your self-storage facility. Learn more about our electrical/lighting package, insulation services, roll-up doors and paint options.

Fast Delivery – TargetBox has shipping containers in stock, ready to ship to your address. We are committed to quality and speed so that you start receiving your ROI fast.

Low Cost – Why spend expensive months working with architects and contractors on a complex building plan when you can accomplish the same goals with sea cans?

Mobility – If your self-storage facility site plans change, there’s no need to demolish a building; TargetBox shipping containers can be easily lifted and moved to allow for an endless variety of configurations to suit your business and your customers.

Take the First Step in Launching Your Self-Storage Enterprise Today

We are here to help you start your business with our new high-quality shipping containers at practically unbeatable prices. Whether you choose to use 10-foot containers, 20-foot containers, 40-foot containers or a mix of all three, TargetBox’s portable storage options will keep your customers happy and your revenue stream healthy and happy.

Learn more on TargetBox’s dedicated self-storage business page that includes the information you need to determine if a mini-storage enterprise is in your future. Then complete our free quote request form to receive a custom price on your particular interests – ask us about our multi-container discounts!