Breaking News: Shipping Container Shortage. Get One While You Can.

Breaking News- Shipping Container Shortage. Get One While You Can. - TargetBox - Banner

For those who have taken social distancing to a whole new level over the past couple years and may not realize it, there is a very complex shipping container shortage and it may only be a matter of months before the supply far exceeds demand.

Like much of the transportation and logistics industry, costs continue to rise at a rate unseen in recent history. The demand for goods – and the demand to move these goods – has resulted in the desperate need for more products to move faster. One of the key ways that goods are moved from manufacturer to retailer is with shipping containers.

Most goods you purchase from Asian countries arrive in North America in shipping containers. They are the staple of the shipping industry. In the past, many containers found a permanent home in North America since shipping them back to where they came from would be a bigger hassle than what it would be worth.

Except that a pandemic happened.

Shipping Containers in Low Demand at Start of the Pandemic

In the spring of 2020, the pandemic crushed the economics of countries around the world. For a period of weeks, businesses shut down and transportation ground to a halt. Products weren’t being purchased. Products weren’t being shipped. And factories shut down. The shipping containers that would move these products sat where they were, taking up space.

Need for Containers Recovers

As Asian economies recovered and production ramped back up, they needed containers, but most countries didn’t have the drivers in place to move product. It reduced the number of cargo ships which led to empty containers being piled up at ports. They were also combating pandemic restrictions and rules that slowed the shipment processes to a crawl.

Economies in High Gear Need Containers

With so many countries now experiencing phenomenal economic growth, truck drivers and shipping companies can’t move products fast enough. Unable to move product, ocean-going freighters are lining up just to unload its cargo on the west coast. There are some ports in Europe which have tens of thousands of empty containers – all destined to return from whence they came – clogging up its operations.

With high demand for shipping containers overseas, a thriving economy and an inability to move containers out of ports, the shipping container shortage will be here for quite some time.

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