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Air Solutions Shipping Container Modification Fort Erie, Ontario

Leading businesses in Ontario know that to innovate and grow, sometimes you need to think ‘inside’ a box.

Air Solutions Canada is based in Dundas, Ontario and has in-house factory-trained teams to support customers throughout the lifecycle of their industrial compressed air system, providing a partnership of expert consultation, installation, service, rentals and emergency support. Recently, they sought out TargetBox, Canada’s modified shipping container experts, to create a safe and secure mobile solution for Air Solutions Canada needed for a special project in Fort Erie, Ontario.

A Breakdown of the Shipping Container Solution for Air Solutions

Air Solutions requested two modified shipping containers to be delivered to Fort Erie to be installed on helical piles and joined onsite. Working with TargetBox’s design team, the solution was finalized and the two 40-foot high-cube shipping containers were modified over the span of a few weeks.

The first shipping container was outfitted with six roll-up doors (three on each long side). The cargo doors were replaced with a framed wall, and a double man door was installed. The interior had 30-inch square openings in the ceiling for ductwork, and the sides had three 48-inch square openings for air intake vents. The interior was then framed with 2”x4” studs, and foam insulation was added to the ceiling and walls before being finished with smart panels and baseboards.

The end wall of this shipping container was removed to allow this shipping container to be joined with the other shipping container onsite. This shipping container was finished similarly to the first one, except this used a 40-foot high-cube shipping container that had 10’ cut off the end to fit into the site’s space constraints. Air Solutions only needed four 6’ roll-up doors on this unit, with a 30-inch square opening in the ceiling for ductwork to penetrate and a 48-inch square opening on one side for Air Solutions to add a specialized air intake vent.

The two shipping containers were quickly shipped to the Air Solutions Canada site in Fort Erie and installed on helical piles.

Once installed, the containers were able to meet the needs of Air Solutions’ customer and will continue to do so for many years to come.

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