8 Ways that Parks Services Can Benefit From Shipping Container Conversions

Parks Canada Remote Office

Shipping containers are creative building blocks for constructing practical working and living spaces across Canada – especially in Ontario and British Columbia. 

These containers are incredibly useful just as they are, but with a little modification, they can accomplish so much more. Whether you need entry doors, windows, electricity, insulation or roll-up doors, TargetBox’s strong steel boxes can be converted into your dream remote centre packed with everything you need.

Here’s a look at some of the more popular ways you can use a converted shipping container in Canadian parks.

Eco-Friendly Visitor Centre

This is where keen park-goers can stock up on knowledge on park activities, trails and wildlife. Add in some interactive exhibits on wildlife conservation, include a gift shop corner and offer up free brochures to make this Visitor Centre experience just as good as the ones that cost millions of dollars.

Remote Park Ranger Station

This modified shipping container office can have multiple rooms for monitoring the park and managing resources with an office, meeting room and supply storage. Larger shipping containers – such as TargetBox’s 8’x40’ – can hold a good-sized group of kids for educational environmental programs or workshops. 

Remote Tiny Home in Canada

Cozy Tiny Home for Park Staff

Whether your park is open just for the warmer months or three months out of the year in even the coldest climates, park staff needs a place to stay that doesn’t have a large footprint and can hold the essentials to live and work.

A TargetBox shipping container can be modified to include many lifestyle amenities and also be customized to have a workspace for the most remote and avid environmentalists.

Shipping Container - interior renovations for office

Outdoor Equipment Rental Facility

Not everyone has a canoe or kayak strapped to their roof when they visit a park, so it’s best to allow outdoor enthusiasts to quickly and easily rent the recreational equipment they need. Roll-up doors can give them easy access to rentable equipment while giving you a fast way to close up shop when the day is over. 

Mobile First Aid Stations
Always be prepared. With that in mind, there should always be an easily accessible and fully stocked health station available for visitors who require it. This station can include everything from burn care supplies to satellite telephones, beds, lighting, and sanitation supplies. 

TargetBox shipping containers can be modified to include easily accessible entry doors and windows and various internal comforts, such as insulation, rooms, and heating/cooling, to ensure that when emergencies happen, no one will be caught unprepared. 

Multi-Purpose Park Management Office

Get work done in the office and have a secure space for parking your ATV – yes, this is possible. Even a medium-sized 8’x20’ shipping container can allow for parking an ATV, park-supply workspace and storage space that can be an all-in-one resource centre for park staff to get their job done and do it well.

Greenhouse or Propagation Centre

Besides caring for park staff and visitors, it’s time we devote energy to helping fragile plants grow faster and better. That requires a mini greenhouse of sorts, which is possible when modifying a TargetBox shipping container. 

Native plants can be propagated in controlled temperatures and humidity with a shipping container brought to your propagation site. Having this onsite means that fewer plants will be purchased, and instead staff can work with volunteers to ensure that local plants continue to benefit Canada’s protected landscapes.


Remote Forest Fire Detection Station

These can be equipped with fire detection technology, including sensors, weather equipment and surveillance systems to feed information to park staff in remote areas of the park. 

Depending on the station’s placement, the roof of the shipping container can double as a lookout location for staff to see above brush and treelines. 

Request Your Mini Park Facility Today

Whatever your modification dream, trust the pros at TargetBox to take a simple shipping container and transform it into the park facility that you need at a fraction of the cost of a ‘bricks and mortar’ solution. 

Reach out to our modification team to discuss your needs and we’ll work with you to design, build and ship your mobile solution sooner than you ever thought possible.