8 Reasons Why Smaller Can Be Better: Compact Offices Growing in Popularity Across Canada

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Throughout Canada, businesses think that innovation is about making better products and services to appease their growing number of customers. But this isn’t always the case – innovation is also about operating your business more efficiently. TargetBox has an answer that’s making this easier and better than ever before. 

The answer is the amazing 10-foot shipping container office, which offers everything you need at a surprisingly affordable price. Here are the top eight reasons why our 10-foot offices are the perfect fit for innovative business owners like you.

Affordable Office Space

Brick-and-mortar offices can be exorbitantly expensive, especially for startups or small businesses. TargetBox’s 10-foot shipping container office already has the hard part done: the structurally sound exterior. This helps offset a large part of the traditional cost of building an office while compromising the integrity of the structure.

You will also not need to pay for engineering services, extra contractor fees, or other services that are included in standard office builds.

Mobile Office With Flexibility

Need to relocate your office? No problem! TargetBox office containers are designed to be completely mobile, making them perfect for businesses that require flexibility. 

Whether you’re expanding to new markets, moving your home to another city or just changing up your work scenery, our 10-foot sea can office will easily move with you.

Fast Delivery and Setup

TargetBox’s fast construction and delivery timeline means your mobile container office will be delivered onsite and operational in no time. You will never have to worry about lengthy construction periods and contractor delays again; TargetBox container offices are ready to use upon delivery in a wide number of destinations in Canada!

Custom Office Options

From layout to exterior paint to interior flooring, customization is key to creating an office workspace that you can be proud of and work to grow your business. TargetBox has a whole range of customization options, allowing you to tailor your container office to the precise needs you have:

Entry Doors


Spray Foam Insulation

Corporate Decals

And more!

Reduce Waste

As businesses are striving for environmental sustainability, choosing a repurposed shipping container as your office space certainly helps! By giving new life to these containers, you’re reducing waste and thinking smartly about construction waste to help your business and the planet.

Secure Steel Construction

Built to withstand the stresses of ocean freight shipping, TargetBox containers are incredibly durable and secure. With steel construction and locks on doors, you can rest easy knowing your business assets are safe and sound, whether you’re on-site or away.

This is especially important for locations that after hours are difficult to get to, such as guard shacks on job sites or offices at scale houses. Built of solid steel helps to dissuade theft, while having all of the benefits you’re reading on this page. Do you need steel bars over windows? Just ask and we’ll include those too.

Mobile Office Unit- TargetBox Ontario

A Blank Canvas for Creative Types

Sure you can have a boring office, but with TargetBox’s innovative design team, you can unleash your creativity and transform your container office into a space that inspires and motivates everyone who uses it. From vibrant colours to modern interiors, the possibilities are endless!

Stand Out

Custom decals with logos and zany designs can be applied to the sides to make your brand stand out in high-traffic areas.

Make Your “Tiny” Office a Reality in Just a Few Weeks

Request your free mobile office quote today and in no time we’ll have a container modified and delivered in Ontario and British Columbia. Not quite sure if your design concept will stick? Work with our design team to ensure that your mobile office is exactly what you’re looking for. We aim to please!