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6 Shipping Container Homes That Are For Sale Right Now.

Container homes are in higher demand than ever before. Shipping containers are weather-resistant, affordable, and strong. When utilized properly, it can be the ideal solution to build out-of-the-box homes at an affordable budget. From “tiny houses” built with 1 shipping container to luxury custom homes.

Fortunately, there are many companies that offer both modular and custom built shipping container homes. Here are 6 prefabricated shipping container homes that you can purchase right now.

40ft Tiny Home Den - Finished crop 1500x844

TargetBox Tiny Container Home

Rely on family-owned TargetBox for your mobile, versatile, customizable and environmentally friendly home that will quickly result in the exact space you’re looking for.

Whether you choose the 13-foot “Nest”, 20-foot “Burrow” or 40-foot “Den”, your home can come with everything you need, including door, windows, washroom, sleeping space and so much more.

Every TargetBox tiny container home is built from a strong steel frame and modernized with energy-efficient spray foam insulation, interior LED lighting and heating/cooling to make your new space comfortable in the chilly days of winter or the hot and humid days of summer.

Be sure to ask TargetBox about added customization to your new home to suit your discriminating taste and style. These tiny homes can be built quickly and shipped to your Canadian address soon!

Price: Varies depending on your unique requirements
Size: 8’x13’, 8’x20’ or 8’x40’

Honomobo HO4+ Shipping Container Home

Shipping Container Home

The manufacturer of this container home is a Canada-based company and a leader in modern shipping container homes. The company offers multiple models in a variety of price ranges. The home in the photo is a 1224 sq ft container home built with four 40ft shipping containers. Featuring 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, this container home is truly spacious and an efficient single level home.

The floorplans include 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a large living room, dining room, and full kitchen finished out with twenty-nine feet of floor to ceiling glass. This container home is modern, spacious, energy-efficient, and one of the largest prefabricated container homes.

Price: Starting at $162,000
Size: 1224 sq ft

Modular Home

This business strives to make a product for fast building while maintaining superior quality. These lightweight steel buildings are easily transported globally via truck, rail or ship. Built to withstand environmental conditions such as snow, wind, and earthquakes, these containers are prepared for even the harshest environments. This business designs shipping container homes to meet local building codes and at the same time maximizes functionality for the space provided. This particular unit is a two-story home consisting of 1280 square feet.

This contemporary two level home includes 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It also features a terrace, kitchen, office, storage space, living room and a dining room. This lightweight steel home has several materials and finishes allowing you to make a modular house your home.

Price: Starting at $215,000
Size: 1280 sq ft

Custom Container Homes

Based in Texas, this country works across the state to bring the vision of your container home to life. The manufacturer started with a single 20 ft containers shack. Now they build elaborate guest and vacation homes in a cost effective way. Each container home is specifically custom built to your needs and wants. A multi-container home typically starts at $100,000.

Their focus is on providing you with a home that maximizes the possibilities of your property. These possibilities are endless! You are able to incorporate a roof-top mini-golf, a workshop, screened in porch, major entertainment center, a storage space and so much more. Bring your dream container home vision to life.

Price: Starting at $100,000
Size: Custom Built

All the Basics in a Compact Space

This business was founded to provide a simple component to the complexity of the modern world. The goal  is building tiny robust structures, incorporating flexibility, simplicity, and security at the core. Partnering with other similarly minded businesses, this business provides the space, products and specialties they needed. The container home in the photo above is the perfect solution for a backyard ADU or a wilderness cabin. The tiny home is also used for disaster relief, affordable housing or homeless solutions.

Price: Starting at $55,500
Size: 160 sq ft

Add a Container Home to Your Backyard

A container home is a simple way to add a home to your backyard. Increasing your assets through real property value, increasing your income through home rental, and increasing space to host to family and friends are three good reasons to invest in a container home. The business that manufactures these units includes architects and engineers to help you make your container home your own. Unique high quality, and durable container homes are made attainable. Prices available upon request.

Fully Furnished Tiny Home

Buying a container home with a single click is now possible thanks to this business. They sell and distribute their product using Amazon, ensuring the highest standard of customer care. Both the delivery and the condition of the product upon receival is guaranteed by Amazon’s A-z safe buying guarantee, this business offers a fully furnished tiny home, prefabricated from a new shipping container for as low as $25,000.

Fully furnished, this home includes one bedroom, a bathroom, kitchenette and living area. Ensuring your security double patio doors are installed within the original container doors. A  container home is insulated and equipped with various appliances, including a mini split to heat and cool your home.

Price: starting at $25,000
Size: 13 ft

Building a Container Home Yourself

Thinking about building a container home yourself? The first step is to calculate the cost of building a container home. Let us help! At TargetBox we offer new and used shipping containers in multiple sizes, and can be customized to meet the needs of your container home.

Additionally, shipping containers can be used for a wide range of applications such as storage units, portable offices, and workshops. Contact the team at TargetBox for all your shipping container needs.