5 Ways That Shipping Containers Offer Safe & Secure Storage

5 Ways That Shipping Containers Offer Safe & Secure Storage

The world is split on whether shipping containers are great options for fallout shelters, but it does agree on one thing: shipping containers provide a safe, convenient way to protect your valuables until the inevitable happens.

As your number one source for mobile storage solutions, the TargetBox team wants to let you know about five key benefits to using a shipping container as a safe and secure storage solution.

1. Complete Container Detailing

Your health and safety are paramount. When we take possession of a shipping container, we don’t just put our logo on the side – each container is physically inspected, professionally cleaned, thoroughly fixed and then painted with care. You can also inspect the container before taking possession, ensuring complete satisfaction so there are no surprises.

2. Secure Storage at Your Doorstep

When storing valuable, personal possessions, it’s nice to always have an eye on them, so having a portable storage container conveniently located on your driveway or at your business will help you to keep tabs on it day and night. Few other storage solutions can offer access that’s this convenient. If you don’t have the space, TargetBox has a fully monitored storage yard that can act as a temporary home to your unit – at no extra charge.

3. Made of Steel

How strong is a shipping container? It is designed to be stacked nine high and last decades, withstanding brutal conditions on open oceans. Also, one 20-foot container is designed to hold up to 30,480 kg (67,200 lb.) of product! TargetBox mobile storage units are built to resist pretty much anything (within reason) that can be thrown at it and can be filled with literally TONS of material – weight exceeding five African bush elephants! Note that transportation might be higher than 15,000 lb. container.

4. Weather Resistant

TargetBox portable storage units have been proven to withstand rain, snow, wind, hail, minor flooding – and much worse. When hurricanes/typhoons devastate communities along coastal communities, shipping containers are often the sturdy solutions that withstand furious punishment. Your TargetBox portable storage unit is built to last!

5. Difficult Access (For Those You Don’t Want In)

Never again worry when you need to store your worldly possessions outside of the safety of your home or business. TargetBox storage units are practically impenetrable, depending on the type of lock you use on the heavy duty door locking handle. (Thieves, small mammals and insects all hate us.) Since there is often only one entry point – the door – access is very restricted. Custom modifications such as additional doors, windows and vents, result in more entry points, but Targetbox will work with you to mitigate crime and pest risks.
Safe & Secure Storage
We don’t recommend TargetBox for a fallout shelter, but we are confident that TargetBox is a safe and secure way to store your valuables, and is designed to take on a wide range of risks, whether you need it for a weekend or for decades to come.

Please check out the rest of our website to learn more about the benefits of TargetBox, then use our quote form on our home page to place your mobile storage unit request. We are here to help!