5 BIG Reasons Why You Need a Tiny Container Home in Canada

5 BIG Reasons Why You Need a Tiny Home in Canada - TargetBox - Banner

TargetBox doesn’t appreciate the rising home prices, which is why we are promoting the best way for many Canadians to become homeowners: with shipping containers!

Although shipping containers may at first seem utilitarian, with a few modern modifications, they can be magically transformed into attractive and practical homes that have all of the amenities you need.

So, why are so many Canadians choosing tiny homes built using shipping containers instead of immobile goliath structures? We’re glad you asked!

Canadian Home Prices Have Gone Crazy

Home ownership should not be a right that only the wealthy can afford; it is something that everyone should enjoy. That’s why TargetBox recommends a much more affordable tiny home built from a shipping container. By choosing a local Canadian business to customize your tiny home, with all of the essentials you need, you get to enjoy all of the benefits of a ‘regular’ home without the high cost and stress. For many Canadians, this means no mortgage, or at least a much more manageable loan that can be paid off faster.

All of the Space You Need

Why pay for space when you don’t really need it? A tiny home is built with advantages in space, taking advantage of every inch of valuable space that can fit in your unit. TargetBox’s tiny home fabricators can show you some great ways that you can conserve space, use storage and double up on the wiggle room in your new adobe.

You Can Move It

You can stack them, cut them, connect them, fill them, hide them, bury them and when you’re in the mood for another lovely locale, you can pick up your tiny “shipping container homes” and move them far easier than one of those pricey, uncool “big” houses. This is especially great for those with a more nomadic lifestyle, who seek changes in their landscape, or don’t want to be forced to live on a certain plot of land too long. Even a remote cottage is now in your reach!

Express Your Creativity

A 40-foot shipping container is a blank canvas when it comes to those seeking tiny homes with creativity. Add in essentials wherever and however you would like: doors, windows, insulation, electrical, paint, A/C and so much more. Your tiny home’s creativity is only limited by your imagination so speak with our modification team members to better understand our tiny home building process, select a plan and make it your own!

Less Impact on the Environment

One of the most destructive industries in the developed world is the construction industry. The amount of waste produced is absolutely mind-boggling. Tiny homes take this high-waste industry and reinvent it through ecological-focused living spaces that reduce waste and material usage, promote reclaiming materials, and are often recyclable.

But wait, there’s more!

Connect with the tiny home pros at TargetBox to gain more insight into the value of turning a shipping container into your tiny home. It’s not as difficult, time consuming or nearly as expensive as other options. Reach out to our team today and you can be a tiny-home owner in 2022.