“40 Foot Shipping Containers: Dimensions & Use Cases”

40ft Shipping Containers Dimensions and Ideal Use Cases - TargetBox - Article

Sea cans are designed for shipping valuable goods across turbulent oceans, but once their tasks are over, there are still an untold number of ways that Canadians can make good use of them.

Sturdy 40-foot shipping containers have long played a role in seafaring, and recently have proven to be exceptional additions to businesses, residential properties and farms around the world. For those who need space, shipping containers are easy, affordable and speedy solutions.

Your shipping container professionals here at TargetBox are frequently asked many questions about these 40-foot shipping containers, and so today we would like to give more specific information about the massive scale of these containers and some of the creative things you can do with them for your business, home or farm.

“How Big is a 40-Foot Shipping Container?”

It’s big. Very big. If you were to measure it using the metric system, it would be just over 12 metres long and just under 2.5 metres wide. Its huge interior volume allows 20 North American pallets to fit cozily inside, with room to spare. It almost stretches the entire length of a semi-trailer. It’s as long as an adult T-Rex. And Volkswagen Beetle collectors could fit three inside a 40-foot shipping container – with room to space.

40-foot shipping container internal dimensions
Width: 8 feet | Height: 8.5 feet | Length: 40 feet | Weight: 8,776 lbs

40-Foot Shipping Container Capacity
67.2m (2,372 cu.ft)

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“What Can I Do With a 40-Foot Shipping Container?”

A lot! If your municipality allows them on your property (be sure to check your local by-laws) then there are practically limitless possibilities for how you can affordably store, expand, live and thrive with a 40-foot shipping container.

Move the Contents of Your Home with a Shipping Container

Why pay for the short-term services of a large transport truck when you can instead buy your own 40-foot shipping container to fit the contents of your entire home. TargetBox can carefully drop your sea can in your driveway, allowing you (and all of the friends and family members who owe you favours) to fill it with the contents of your home. It’s easier to then ship it wherever you’re moving to.

House Expansion with a Shipping Container

Why move to a bigger home when you can more affordably add a shipping container to open up a whole new world of effective space usage. Speak with the professionals at TargetBox to transform your used 40-foot shipping container whatever you dream of – a workshop, equipment storage space, in-law suite, garage or year round office. Some people are seeing the residential potential of shipping containers and building entire homes out of our versatile, affordable friends.

Product Storage with a Sea Container

Your business is built for selling products, but for seasonal goods or large quantities of product that needs temporary storage are best suited for a weatherproof, secure, outdoor storage space than inside your retail store.

Use a Shipping Container to Store Construction Equipment

Save even more money on portable storage solutions with a ‘construction-grade’ 40-foot shipping container for your construction crews to store their stuff. Although these containers will have noticeable rust and dents galore, these heavily used containers are still water tight, and structurally sound – perfect for storing equipment that’s too much of a hassle to lug to the jobsite every morning.

Start a New Business Inside Your Shipping Container

The economy really isn’t in the best of shape right now. A long 40-foot shipping container is the low-cost space you need to start something new – a retail store, restaurant, wood workshop, coffee cafe. TargetBox can help to customize your space with new doors, insulation, electricity and much more.

Those Who Know Shipping Containers Choose TargetBox

Whether you’re interested in a 40-foot container for your home or work, TargetBox has a wide variety of shipping boxes ready for delivery within 48 hours. Contact us right now for a free quote or to view our inventory in person. We look forward to hearing from you.