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4 ways to use a portable storage unit during winter

Portable storage units are a great way to store your household items over the winter months. Whether you need a storage unit for seasonal storage or winter storage, portable storage units are a cost-effective solution.

You can place them anywhere on your property. Place them in your driveway or car park, along the side of your home or business, our out in the back, out of sight.

Here are four ways to use portable winter storage units.

Declutter your garage

If you are like many Canadians, you park your car in your driveway and use your garage for storage. But when winter rolls around, you know the advantage of parking your car in your garage.

A car parked in a garage starts more easily. It’s warmer when you climb into it. And you never have to scrape ice and snow from the vehicle.

The easiest way to reclaim your garage is to buy or rent a portable storage container for the winter. Gather up your boxes of holiday decorations, sports equipment and other bulky items and walk them out to your seasonal storage unit.

Store your outdoor furniture

Portable storage units are also ideal for storing your outdoor chairs, tables and other patio furniture. Protecting your outdoor furniture from snow and wind prolongs their life and keeps them looking as good as possible.

Seasonal storage units are easy to place in your backyard. Which makes them easy to access when you need to get at your furniture again. They also come with hasps that let you lock the unit, keeping your valuables under lock and key for the winter.

Store your merchandise and décor

If you run a retail business, you know the hassle of having to store inventory when space is tight. A portable storage unit is the perfect solution. It helps you find a safe, dry place to store your merchandise and store décor items. A commercial storage unit gives you an affordable, secure place to store what you don’t need in your store right away.

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Store your stuff offsite if needed

The big advantage of portable storage units is that they are portable. You don’t have to travel anywhere to access their contents.
Unlike traditional storage units, which are fixed into the ground and surrounded by fencing, portable storage units are delivered right to your home. They can also be picked up again, and stored offsite at a secure facility. So, if you don’t like the idea of having a storage unit sitting in your driveway all winter, take heart. At no extra charge, we can store your storage unit at one of our secured yards.

If you are looking for a portable storage unit or seasonal storage solution, consider buying or renting a container from TargetBox. We have a wide selection of units to choose from. We deliver and pick up the units from your home or business. And we store your valuables for the winter in our secure facility.

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