What You Can Do With a 20-Foot Shipping Container

20ft shipping container possibilities
TargetBox’s 20-foot containers offer quick, easy and affordable options for those in Ontario and British Columbia.

If you have ever dreamed big with your home or business, you know that space is a frequent issue. You need space for moving, space for storing, space for playing and space for working. But gaining more space can be costly and time consuming, and the process will leave you frustrated. That is unless you choose TargetBox’s 20-foot sea containers. Able to easily fit in most driveways and parking lots, our 20×8-foot sea can will give you ample room to do whatever you need to do. And when you’re done with it, they are easy to move if you need it in a more permanent location.

Southwestern Ontario and British Columbia residents and business owners seeking more space appreciate how they can get a new 20-foot shipping container, used 20-foot shipping container or construction-grade 20-foot shipping container at low prices, often within 48 hours. Each 20-foot container is constructed of 8-gauge steel, has extra-strong posts and even comes standard with a secure set of barn doors.

20-Foot Shipping Container Measurements

Width: 2.4 m. (8 ft.)
Height: 2.6 m. (8.5 ft.)
Length: 6 m. (20 ft.)
Weight: 2,361 kg. (5,204 lbs.)
Capacity: 32.8m (1,158 cu. ft.)

What can you do with a new 20-foot shipping container?

TargetBox’s new containers not only are in practically perfect condition, having been used only once to arrive in North America, but they also come with a lockbox system which protects from bolt cutters. New containers can last up to 30 years with very little maintenance.
New Shipping Container - TargetBox
If you have a business with large storage needs with a high-profile location, a new 20-foot shipping container takes the cake. Its immaculate condition is attractive for your customers, and is designed to fit a large amount of goods. Many businesses lean on TargetBox’s modification crew to transform a basic shipping container into an affordable office space, dedicated workshop space, art gallery and even a custom restaurant!

Homeowners buy TargetBox’s new 20-foot containers for long-term storage, a separate home office or an epic property shed, with room for yard tools, riding lawn mowers – even a car! A custom paint job will help it blend into any home or business environment.

What can you do with a good-quality used 20-foot shipping container?

These containers aren’t quite as perfect as our new containers, with a few scrapes and dents here and there, but they do the trick with 25 years left in them.
Good Shape Used Shipping Containers - TargetBox
A used 20-foot shipping container works for homeowners who don’t require an immaculate container. Store your stuff with confidence in knowing that your container is 100% watertight and doors seal properly, but to appease your neighbours a rural property may be best suited for their permanent location.

The uses for these containers are just as endless for new containers, if you don’t mind its age showing in a few places. Your business can store seasonal merchandise and garden equipment, but you may want to keep this grade of container away from the eyes of customers.

What can you do with a construction-grade 20-foot shipping container?

Our TargetBox inspection process ensures that even our construction-grade shipping containers are guaranteed to be reliable, durable and weatherproof. That being said, these are more ‘beaten up’ than our used options, and it shows. The paint is peeling, and there are noticeable dents, rust and scratches. The containers have been used for a few years, and are great for uses that don’t mind a little wear and tear.
Construction Grade Shipping container - TargetBox
TargetBox’s construction-grade containers are perfect for job sites where the exterior and interior look of a container does not matter as much as its brute strength and security. They quickly and conveniently store materials for workcrews, while also being easy to pick up and move when needed elsewhere.

The Possibilities of a 20-Foot Container

Possibilities don’t end here, since our TargetBox containers can also come with an extra foot of headspace, called ‘high-cube shipping containers’. Whatever you’re looking to do, from create your own shipping container home to adding to your construction site storage capacity to creating onsite storage space for your upcoming reno project, a 20-foot container is the best solution for you.

Talk with TargetBox today about your needs, and we will get back to you within 24 hours with a quote or answer to your questions – we ship throughout most of Ontario and British Columbia and can deliver your unit in as little as 48 hours.