What to Do With a 10-Foot Shipping Container

TargetBox - Article - 10ft Shipping Containers Dimensions and Ideal Use Cases

TargetBox’s Ontario-built mini containers are perfect for a wide range of personal and business uses.

Have you dreamt of what you could do with a little more space on your property? Talk with a contractor and that extra space could take months to plan and build, and cost tens of thousands of dollars.

There are always better ways to do things. In your case, it starts with purchasing a 10-foot sea container from TargetBox. Not only can a shipping container from TargetBox be at your doorstep in 48 hours, but they cost a whole lot less than any standard building.

Created from our best-selling 20-foot containers, TargetBox’s modification experts meticulously cut and construct these 10×8 options for Southwestern Ontario and British Columbia residents and business owners seeking a small container at a small price in just a few days.

Each 10-foot container constructed of 8-gauge steel also comes standard with a secure set of barn doors.

10-Foot Shipping Container Measurements

Width: 2.4 m. (8 ft.)
Height: 2.6 m. (8.5 ft.)
Length: 3 m. (10 ft.)
Weight: 1,300 kg. (2,870 lbs.)
Capacity: 15.95 cu. m. (563 cu. ft.)

What can I do with a new 10-foot shipping container?

Great question! New 10-foot shipping containers are in exceptional condition since they have only made one trip to North America, and have only minor scratches. They have been recently manufactured, come with excellent rubber seals on the doors, and have a long lifespan – 25–30 years left.

These Ontario-built mini containers don’t give you a ton of space, but they give you just the right amount to do a wide range of things.

Every shipping container size is a great one for storage – whether at your home or business, they look great, seal beautifully and will last as long as you own it. A popular choice for these small sea cans in practically perfect condition is to create a pop-up retail store. It gives security when not in use, and enough space to showcase a whole world of products when it’s open to shoppers. Construction businesses also have uses for them, as smaller portable offices – enough for a desk and chair – on bustling job sites, but you may want a window or two. We have even seen these mini containers modified to be permanent outhouses!

What you can do with a used 10-foot shipping container?

These containers are not that different from new. They have made a few oceangoing trips, but are still in great condition with minor scratches, dents and a little rust. They have been manufactured in the past five years, come with good seals on the doors, and still have a long life ahead – 20–25 years.

These sturdy heavy-gauge portable prefabricated and portable buildings are small enough to store secure large property maintenance items that you just don’t have space for, such as a riding lawnmower or snowblower.

One of TargetBox’s used 10×8 containers can also perfectly suit the needs of a small job site. A construction crew can conveniently store hundreds of tools, and a wide range of expensive equipment that can’t be left to the elements – or increasingly desperate thieves.

More Ways to Store and Save with a 10-Foot Container

Whatever your dream, from residential storage pods to jobsite offices, a 10-foot container is the best solution for you. Low prices, fast delivery and a range of modification possibilities make anything you can imagine possible. Reach out to TargetBox today – we ship across the province and can deliver most of our units in as little as 48 hours.