10 Reasons Why Canadians Are Living in Remote Container Homes

10 Reasons Why Canadians Are Living Remotely - TargetBox Containers - Banner
Shipping container homes make the concept of living remotely more realistic than ever before. Let’s dig deeper into this topic and find out why so many Canadians are now unplugging from the system and moving into their beautiful, new container homes.

1. Spend Less

When you get your paycheque, how much of that goes to your annoying household expenses? Whatever it is, it’s far too much. Cut your bills to practically zero when you convert a shipping container into an affordable home: no hot water heater rental, smaller electricity bills, less gas consumption and your property taxes are pennies on the dollar. Keep more of your hard-earned money where it belongs – in your pocket.

2. Be Less Dependent on Systemic Social Habits

Living in the city means that you need to do things you don’t always want to do, like attending boring birthday parties for family members, have an always-immaculate home just in case people stop by, and regularly cut your grass to stop neighbours complaining to the by-law office. Living remotely means that these habits no longer have a place in your life, opening you up to write that next great novel or get in an extra hour of fishing before the sun sets.

3. Add Peace to Your Life

TargetBox shipping container homes can be delivered to wherever you need them. Find the quietest place in Canada, with no traffic, cares or worries, then revel in the complete solitude, letting nature sing you to sleep every night.

4. Enjoy a Simpler Lifestyle

Today’s culture is focused on keeping busy and filling schedules with many unnecessary distractions. Remove everything and start with the basics: a simple home on a simple property. Do this and you will quickly realize that life is better with less clutter.

5. Cut the Amount of Maintenance

Your home may have more space, but the maintenance required to keep your home in livable condition can be extraordinary. Add up everything you spend on complex furnaces, central air units, roofs, repairs and weekly cleaning rituals, and you will have a long list of expensive, time consuming and frustrating unnecessities.

6. More Durable Than Alternatives

TargetBox shipping container tiny homes are made from 14-gauge steel that are built to last decades and can withstand hurricane-force winds. New homes are built of cheap lumber and can be damaged by natural disasters such as earthquakes and even high winds. It’s time to choose wisely! Shipping containers have been known to only experience a few dents and scratches in natural disasters – even in hurricanes.

7. Design Your Home

Those seeking to buy a new home can often only give design suggestions to builders if they pay significant sums of money. TargetBox container home fabricators work with future homeowners to ensure that every aspect of the new tiny home is built with the customer’s feedback in mind. Homeowners can choose the number of windows and doors, paint schemes, walls, roof structure, HVAC layout and much more. Ask TargetBox how this design process works.

8. Save the Environment

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: living a ‘normal’ life in Canada isn’t really that great for the environment. Buying plastic disposable containers, maintaining a huge living space even though very little of it is used, and draining our energy resources is just something we do because we feel we have to. Canadians can reduce their carbon footprint and impact on the environment, and we can do it with shipping container homes.

9. Move Your Body and Move Your Mind

By embracing a lifestyle change that involves separating oneself from the hustle and bustle of city life, many people also experience a psychological change – they experience something called “happiness” where their minds are focused on the things in their lives that matter and less on the clutter.

10. Expedite Construction

Call up a designer and you’ll likely have a new home built sometime next year. Call up TargetBox for your customized container home and it can be on your property in as little as a few weeks. Life’s too short to wait for construction to finish. It’s time to live life to the fullest, and TargetBox homes make this possible.

Are you seeking a simpler life that saves you time and money? Fill out our online form to receive a free quote to design, fabricate and deliver your new container home to your property faster, better and more affordable than you ever thought possible.