10 Reasons Why Canadians Are Choosing to Work Remotely

10 Reasons Why Canadians Are Choosing to Work Remotely - TargetBox Containers - Banner
Shipping container offices make the idea of working from home more realistic than ever before. Let’s find out why so many Canadians are now saying ‘no’ to the downtown rat race.

1. Cut Your Commute

If you’re still battling traffic congestion to the office every day, it’s time for your TargetBox wake-up call. Your life can be better; you can be happier. Every day. Simply stay home and work from your spacious remote office. Hours spent on the road will be a thing of the past, traffic headaches will be zilch and the car accidents that have stopped you from attending important family milestones no longer have any effect on you.

2. Spend More Time With Family

When you work from home, you see your kids more – for most parents, this is a welcome benefit. Give them hugs in the morning and see them after school before they plug into digital devices. More time with your spouse and children will strengthen the family unit and provide opportunities for growth you never thought possible.

3. Have Afternoon Naps

When 2:00 p.m. hits, and you’re tired from working late the night before, you don’t need to prove to anyone that you can just keep operating as a zombie. Shut your eyes for a few minutes. It’s okay, we won’t tell your boss.

4. Make Your Days More Flexible

If you have a dentist appointment, or if you have to pick up a few things from your neighbourhood grocery store, your remote office setup allows you to get these important tasks done without affecting your work schedule.

5. Enjoy the Comfort of Your Own Space

Dine in your own kitchen at lunch, where you can stir up some delicious leftovers from the evening before without having to think about the mouth-watering aromas annoying your colleagues. You can also crank your music to any volume you wish and wear your bunny slippers without anyone noticing. Perhaps most importantly, you have access to your own washroom – all to yourself.

6. Never Attend Another Useless Meeting

What could have been communicated in a single email often involved an hour-long meeting with dozens of people who schedule meetings to fill up their calendars. Fortunately, the number of these meetings will dramatically decrease when you work from home. Sure, you may need to purchase a webcam, but you can still wear your PJs from the waist down and no one will be the wiser.

7. Save money!

We put an exclamation mark on this one because it’s more than just a few dollars a week. Cutting your commute cuts the amount you eat out, the amount you spend on gas, the amount you spend on vehicle maintenance, the amount you spend on coworker birthday presents and oh so much more. For many people, this is well into the hundreds of dollars per month.

8. Avoid Office Drama and Politics

Did Karen steal your lunch again? Well, she’s out of luck now, since you’re working in your own space hundreds of kilometres away with a secure lock. The unpleasant dynamics associated with cubicle placements, backstabbing friendships and who keeps stealing the red stapler are all in the past.

9. Take a Break if You Need It

Many employers are still living in a world where every office minion is only allowed two breaks that are exactly 15 minutes in length, with one regimented lunch period. That’s all in the past. Especially with remote working. Employers are realizing that their employees work better, faster and can take breaks when needed, and still accomplish all of the work they need to do.

10. Help the Environment

Those who choose to work remotely can greatly benefit the environment. You will be reducing greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles and also cutting down on energy to operate expansive separate work spaces. You will likely also print less, recycle using residential services and reduce single-use container use for lunches.

Work From Home – Just Do It! Shipping Container Offices Work for You

More Canadians than ever are choosing to work offsite with a TargetBox mobile office. Our modification experts will outfit a practically new shipping container with everything you need – insulation, electricity, flooring, walls and even heating/cooling systems. All you need to do is bring your desk and a desire to transform your life.

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