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How TargetBox Builds a Workshop Shipping Container

Understand the detail that goes into transforming a sturdy all-steel shipping container into your custom workshop. Read our common outline of upgrades.

The Ultimate Social Distancing Vacation: Shipping Containers are Replacing Traditional Cottages

A simple cottage now comes with large costs, weeks of maintenance and nonstop worries. Choosing to build new with practical and strong shipping containers as your structure could be exactly what your new cottage build needs.

Seven Reasons Why Shipping Containers Have Become Canada’s #1 Choice for Modular Buildings

Sea containers can be completely modified and converted into stunning modules, which are delivered fully completed and ready for your personal use more efficiently than alternatives.

What Do You Get in a Canadian-Made Container Home?

TargetBox’s mini homes are made of shipping containers and have the strength needed for your portable home, while also giving you the flexibility, affordability and space you need to meet the needs of your unique lifestyle.

What Do You Get in a Shipping Container Office?

TargetBox portable offices have so much more than just a strong metal exterior. It’s time to dive deep and explore why our container offices are the go-to choice for businesses that need flexible, affordable space.

10 Reasons Why Canadians Are Choosing to Work Remotely

Shipping container offices make the idea of working from home more realistic than ever before. Let’s find out why so many Canadians are now saying ‘no’ to the downtown rat race.

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